A teething biscuit is a lesser well known type of teething product but is effective at dealing with the signs of teething. They are nutritionally sound and safe to use which makes them a good choice.

They look very similar to many of the propriety brands of biscuits that adults buy but the idea behind these is not to satisfy hunger or a desire for something sweet: the idea is to ease the pain of sore gums as a result of teething and to exercise the newly formed jaws as well.

These biscuits are hard and crunchy which enables your baby to try out his new teeth.

There is the option to make your own teething biscuits and there are recipes available on the internet to do so. But many parents find it easier and more convenient to buy these instead.

Bickiepegs are a popular brand of teething biscuits but there are others to choose from which include ‘BabyNat Organic Teething Biscuits’ and ‘Earth’s Best Organic Teething Biscuits’.

Alternately, you could give your baby Farley’s rusks as these are a nice, firm biscuit which are ideally suited to teething babies. Plus they are fairly indestructible as well.

If you decide to bake your own biscuits then ensure that they are less likely to break or cause choking in your baby. Make sure that your baby is sat up when he or she eats these biscuits and don’t leave him/her alone when they do so.

What is a good idea is to try these biscuits yourself. Bite into one of these biscuits which should be firm and difficult to break. Try imitating the way a baby or toddler would eat which means gnawing at the biscuit in order to digest it. It should require a fair amount of gnawing to do so. Alternately, the biscuit should slowly dissolve when in contact with liquid.