Is your little one a late developer?

If she is then expect her to start teething at a later stage in her development. Yes, some babies don’t start teething until the age of one which is quite late but completely normal.

There are people who say that in regard to teething it is better to be a late developer as this means healthier teeth, but this may be an ‘Old Wives Tale’. Take this with a pinch of salt.

Late teething can be a sign of an underlying problem such as an underactive thyroid, poor diet or an undiagnosed condition. If your baby is a late bloomer and displays symptoms that suggest a thyroid problem or something similar then speak to your GP.

But in the majority of cases, late developers are just that: they reach their developmental milestones at a later stage than other babies but this does not mean that there is a problem. Cast your mind back to when you were little and see if you can remember if you were an early or late developer.

Mind you, there are babies who are very early teethers in that their first tooth appears before the age of 6 months. In fact, they develop this at the very early age of 3 months old which is ahead of schedule you might say!

And there are even babies who are born with a full set of teeth but this is extremely rare.

Try not to compare your little one’s teething efforts with another parent. It is difficult not to do so but remember that all babies get their milk teeth at different stages. So don’t expect your baby to get her first teeth on exactly the same date as your friend’s baby.

The symptoms of teething are no different for early and late developers. Whether your little one gets her first tooth at 4 months or 12 months she will still be cranky and difficult to deal with.