Do this as soon as they get their first set of teeth. Once the milk teeth start breaking through then start looking after your baby’s teeth as this will install good habits as soon as possible.

It is important to have a daily oral care routine as this will reduce the risk of tooth decay and other similar conditions. Tooth decay is a major problem in the modern world which is largely caused by our diets, especially our liking for sugar. So try not to give your baby sweet things and limit their consumption of these when they are older.

Your baby will be too young to clean his or her own teeth so you will have to do this for them. Use a child sized toothbrush and squeeze a tiny amount of toothpaste (fluoride based) onto this brush. Sit your baby on your knee and brush their teeth for a couple of minutes at least for a thorough cleaning. Do this twice a day.

If your baby wants to have a go at doing this then encourage them to do so but help him with using a toothbrush. Observe him or her as they brush their teeth although you will not have to do this when they are older.

But you will have to help your child with this until they are 6 or 7 years old.

Not every baby enjoys having their teeth cleaned so don’t expect it to go smoothly when you do. Make this into a game and give your baby a few extra hugs afterwards as a reward. It is important that he or she sees this as a fun thing to do rather than a nuisance.

And, choose non-sugar based teething products such as sugar-free gel as this will reduce the risk of damage to your baby’s teeth.