Don’t forget that babies go through stages where they are on or off their food. It is not uncommon for a baby to suddenly refuse to eat which could be due to a temperature.

If your baby has a cold or an upset tummy then this is likely to be the reason why they are not feeding.

If your baby started teething at the age of 6 months then don’t forget that this is also the age at which you start them on solids (also known as weaning). This is a gradual process in which you are trying to find out what foods your baby likes and doesn’t like. Plus you are also checking to see if your baby is intolerant to certain foods or a food allergy.

And this is the time when you will find out either way. Your baby is learning to cope with solid food which is not easy to start with so coax but don’t rush her to eat. Bear in mind that it takes some time to become used to all these new tastes and textures plus this may be combined with teething as well.

So your baby has to not only learn about eating different foods but put up with her emerging teeth as well. She will soon let you know when she has had enough!

If your baby pushes food away from her or spits it out then this may be due to the pain of her newly emerging teeth rather than a dislike of the food itself. Her gums are sore during this stage and she is looking for something apart from food to ease this pain.

This is why she will chew on your fingers or a teething key rather than food.

So, don’t worry about the temporary loss of appetite. It is entirely normal and will return soon enough. But if your baby shows the signs of a cold or other illness then ask your GP for advice.