This process varies from one baby to another. In some babies the process takes around a year whereas in others it takes around a year and a half.

In general, a baby gets its first tooth at the age of 6 months and a full set of teeth by the age of two and half to three years old.

The age at which your baby starts teething depends upon whether they are classed as an early or late bloomer. The later your baby starts their teething (in some cases as late as their first birthday) the later they will have all of their milk teeth.

So, if your baby doesn’t start until the age of 1 then they will only have a full set of teeth by their third birthday.

The thing to remember with teething is that it occurs as a series of intervals: by that we mean that your baby will display the signs of teething each time a new tooth emerges through the gum. Once the tooth has appeared these symptoms disappear – only to reappear as the next tooth is due to make an entrance.

It is difficult to say how long it takes for each tooth to push its way through the gum. You may find that your baby exhibits these symptoms for only a week or two before the tooth appears. But others find that their baby is grizzling and miserable for several months before there is any sign of a tooth.

This means putting up with the sleepless nights, crying and crankiness for some time.

The first teeth are the most problematic: the next lot will come through much easily and so until the appearance of the molars. These are the largest of all the teeth so expect your baby to have a difficult time with these. These teeth cause the most pain which is due to their size which means extra tender loving care when they do appear.