There is always the chance that your baby has a cold or ear infection which is quite common in babies and toddlers. So don’t always assume that this is the case if they start pulling or rubbing their ears.

Some babies tug their ears as well as rubbing their eyes when they are tired whereas other babies shake their heads if they are tired.

Another possibility is that your baby has discovered that he or she has ears and that these pink objects are fun things to play with. This may sound strange but babies love to explore and this can include parts of their bodies. For some babies it is a comfort thing so your baby may grab or rub your ears instead.

Check to see if your baby is displaying any of the other signs of teething which include an inability to sleep, red, swollen gums, dribbling, crying and crankiness. If he or she does then the ear tugging is a confirmation that he or she is teething.

If your baby cries in pain when pulling on his or her ears then this may be a sign of an ear infection particularly if he or she has a fever. However it may also suggest that your baby has a cold which is often the case if accompanied by a runny nose and a cough.

It is not easy deciding whether your baby is teething or has picked up a cold or ear infection. The trick is to see if he or she is exhibiting other signs of teething such as drooling, sore gums and constant chewing.

If your baby is pulling at his or her ears but apart from that, does not show any signs of a cold or ear infection then assume that they have started teething.