Teething is a difficult time full stop: but there are parents who claim that it is worse for a toddler than a baby although others disagree.

A baby who is teething is grumpy, out of sorts and demanding and this applies to both a newborn and a 2 year old. But some babies have a far worse time than others.

A teething toddler can be more difficult to deal with as they are bigger and more demanding. Many parents are familiar with the expression ‘the terrible twos’ or another way of saying temper tantrums and this is particularly noticeable during teething.

So expect your toddler to throw a few hissy fits when their teeth are breaking through.

The extent of the pain and other symptoms of teething depend on genetics: if you had a rough time when teething then your baby will do the same.

Teething is usually worse in the second year as this is when the bigger teeth break through and these are the most painful. The molars are the last teeth to appear and the biggest which means that they will cause the most discomfort. Plus they take longer to break through which only increases this discomfort.

There is also the fact that many babies are prone to colds and infections which are similar to the symptoms of teething. This is only to be expected as their immune systems are underdeveloped and so are not as good at dealing with germs and bacteria. So don’t be surprised if your baby picks up infections on a regular basis.

The problem is if an infection arises at the same time they are teething. If it does then check your child’s temperature and if it is above 38C then consult your GP.

Don’t think that you are bothering your GP: your GP would rather you erred on the side of caution so seek advice about any baby related issue which includes teething.