This is something which you may not be familiar with but is proving to be popular with parents. The amber teething necklace is as the name says: it looks very similar to everyday necklaces which are worn as jewellery but with one major difference:

It releases oils into the skin which help to soothe and pacify a teething baby.

This necklace is not to be chewed as they contain amber oil which is designed to be absorbed into the bloodstream and not the mouth. But what amber oil does is to act as a natural painkiller which has anti-inflammatory qualities and eases the pain and other symptoms caused by teething.

The heat from your baby’s skin causes the oil within the beads to warm up and naturally absorb into the skin.

The amber itself is known as ‘Baltic amber’ and is available in a variety of colours. It is a completely natural substance which is obtained from pine trees and is safe to use. Plus it has a highly appealing odour as well.

There are amber teething necklaces for adults and necklaces for children. The adult necklace is worn to help ease aches and pains (not for teething!) as compared to the children’s necklace which is purely designed as a teething aid.

But the necklaces look very attractive which is another reason for choosing them. As a result of this some mums will wear a necklace which is similar to the one worn by their baby which can look doubly appealing. Another option is an amber teething bracelet which often acts as a reminder to carry out a baby related task.

Amber teething necklaces are strong, long lasting and secure so there is no risk of it breaking; or a bead becoming loose which is then swallowed and choked upon by your baby.