This is a well known part of the teething process which you need to prepare for. All babies dribble but this is taken to extremes when they are teething.

A teething baby produces vast amounts of saliva which overflows onto their nose, around their mouth and onto their chin. This constant contact with the skin means that it becomes red, chapped and sore. This reddened appearance is similar to a rash and is upsetting for both you and your baby.

What also happens is that your baby drools in their sleep which soaks through their bedding. This wet bedding rubs against your baby’s face which then irritates it, leading to a rash.

Keep a supply of dry cloths and towels to hand. Use these to dry your baby’s face during the day and for the night – place a towel underneath their bedding to mop up any excess saliva.

Apply Vaseline or a special cream to his/her mouth and chin. Another option is to place a bib on your baby, for example a plastic bib which ties at the back as this will catch the extra drool.

The one thing to bear in mind is that babies and toddlers have sensitive skin in general and are prone to all types of rashes. So it is not uncommon for any baby to develop a skin rash, for example eczema, nappy rash or dermatitis.

Eczema is the most common form of skin rash in babies and toddlers.

If your baby suffers from eczema then excess drooling will worsen the symptoms and their skin so it is even more important to keep your baby clean and dry. Your baby will be feeling miserable because of their eczema and this is compounded by their drool rash so extra TLC is called for.