Discussions still continue as to what is the best item to soothe a teething baby. Teething means a grumpy baby who is out of sorts due to the pain of their sore gums so anything which relieves this pain is welcome.

There is a vast array of items to choose from which include toys, keys, rings, biscuits, powders, gels, teething necklace, the list goes on and on.

But what you need to remember is that everyone is different when it comes to a teething item. Some parents find that their babies prefer a teething ring whereas others like chewing on a teething toy such as a giraffe or a set of plastic keys.

Then there are teething gels which are rubbed onto baby’s sore gums or powders which are tipped into their throat. Teething granules are another option which is similar to the powders.

Your baby is an individual with individual tastes so will let you know very quickly which teething aid he or she prefers.

It is worthwhile trying out a few different teething items on your baby to see which one he or she likes the best. You may find that your baby likes one particular item, e.g. teething ring but then changes to something else such as a teething biscuit instead. Babies change their minds frequently so be prepared for the fact that you will have to try several items in order to find the right one.

Your family and friends will recommend various teething items as will online forums and mother and toddler groups which are meant to be helpful but can be overwhelming at times.

So, it is a case of experimentation: test a few different teething items on your baby to see which one he or she prefers. Then once you have found the item he or she likes – stay with this until your baby changes his/her mind.