Your baby will require more attention than normal during this time. He or she will be feeling less than their best and will behave in ways which are maddening but understandable.

So don’t be surprised that your baby is grizzly, clingy and having a bad time generally.

In many ways teething can be compared to the misery of wisdom teeth. If you have experienced this then you will know all too well about the pain and sheer unpleasantness that this causes.

Most people don’t have any problems but there are others (which might include you) who find that this results in pain, swollen gums and a loss of appetite.

Notice any similarities here?

These symptoms sound very similar to those experienced by a teething baby so this will give you some idea of how painful it is for a baby. Plus a baby’s pain threshold is lower than that of an adult which means that they are having a far worse time than any adult.

This is why your baby wants a great deal of attention. He or she will want lots of hugs and cuddles which will soothe and reassure him. Your baby doesn’t understand what is happening so will look to you to provide reassurance.

There is always the chance that these symptoms are an indication of an illness rather than teething. Babies are particularly vulnerable to illnesses as their immune systems are underdeveloped which means that they are less able to fight off an infection.

So bear this is mind.

Teething also causes problems for the parents as they experience stressful days and sleepless nights as a result of coping with a teething baby. The only thing we can say is that it is a process that all babies go through but thankfully, is a temporary one at that. It will be over soon enough.

Seeing your baby’s first tooth will more than make up for this.