This is always an eagerly awaited for event. The appearance of your baby’s first tooth is something to celebrate and all parents look forward to this. It is often an emotional moment as well.

The age at which the first tooth appears differs from one baby to another. One baby may develop their first tooth at the age of 3 months whereas another will not see their first tooth until they have had their first birthday.

This largely depends upon whether your baby is an early or late developer. And this is also influenced by the age at which you cut your first tooth.

So, if you got your first tooth at the age of 6 months then it is more than likely that your baby will do the same as there is a genetic link in this.

The first tooth usually appears in the middle of the bottom row and looks like a tiny white bud. Once this tooth has pushed through it is gradually followed by the rest until your baby has a full set of teeth. Your baby should have a full set of milk teeth by their second birthday.

The last teeth to appear are the larger ones at the back of the mouth or molars. These are chunky looking teeth and because of their size cause a great deal of pain when they emerge. These are often the most painful set of teeth to appear during the teething process.

The symptoms of teething start in advance of the emergence of the first tooth. These are a precursor to what you will have to deal with over the next year or so. These symptoms will come and go as each tooth makes an appearance and will continue until your baby has all of his or her teeth.