Strong smelling urine and/or stools are a common feature of teething which can be attributed to the presence of acid in excess amounts of saliva produced during this time.

Your baby will be dribbling much more than usual and this extra drool causes a range of conditions which include an upset stomach, diarrhoea and nappy rash.

Not every baby gets these conditions but a great many of them experience nappy rash which is caused by strong smelling urine. Not a pleasant thing to deal with but thankfully, it is a temporary state of affairs.

You will probably notice that your baby has a sore bottom as well which is caused by acidic urine. Babies often swallow their saliva as they drool which passes through their digestive system. This results in an upset stomach and loose stools although it may cause a severe nappy rash instead.

The acid present in your baby’s urine irritates his or her delicate skin which can cause bleeding is severe cases. Plus contact between a wet nappy and your baby’s skin is also likely to cause irritation and bleeding.

Bear in mind that nappy rash is a common condition in babies so don’t be too surprised if your baby develops this. It is easy to treat via a skin care routine at home which includes using a different type of nappy and applying an antiseptic cream such as Sudocrem to the affected area.

Nappy rash is one of several symptoms associated with teething but it can be caused by other conditions such as eczema, allergic dermatitis and a bacterial infection.

Teething related nappy rash can be treated at home but a severe form of nappy rash will require medical attention. If you are at all worried about your baby’s nappy rash then ask your GP for advice.

But, strong smelling urine can be an indication of an infection or some other complaint so ask your GP for advice.