Chewing is a common feature of teething in which babies will chomp away on anything close to hand to relieve the pain of their new teeth.

The process in which the milk teeth appear is a painful one as your baby’s gums are swollen and sore due to these teeth trying to push their through. This causes a great deal of pain which can only be eased by sucking or chewing on an object.

It is preferable if your baby chews on a designated teething item such as a teething ring, teething toy or teething keys. But you will find that your baby will chew on more unconventional items such as your furniture, cushions, bedding and even your fingers.

Your baby will chew his own fingers as well.

This chewing helps to ease the pressure of swollen gums and brings instant relief. So don’t stop your baby from doing this unless he or she is chewing on something unsuitable or is painful for you, e.g. your nipples when breastfeeding.

Keep an eye on your baby when he or she is chewing to ensure that they don’t chomp away on something which could harm them such as a small bead or anything which make break and cause choking. If you are thinking of using an amber teething necklace then check that your baby is not chewing the individual beads of the necklace which are not designed for that purpose.

What many parents use is a teething ring – especially one that has been placed in a fridge to chill before use. This nice, ice cold ring helps to soothe sore gums so give it a try.

You will find that your baby has his or her own likes and dislikes in regard to chewable objects so give him/her a few to try. He or she will let you know which ones he/she likes to chew and which he doesn’t.